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June 1, 2001 Can Carver Slice Himself a Piece of the Action?
May 13, 2001 A Picture Tells a Thousand Words
April14, 2001 Toussand Sends Granny Flying
March 30, 2001 Film Stars Heat Up the London Night
March 17, 2001 'Taxi Has Bumpy Ride'
March 5, 2001 'Tensions on Set Reduce Carver to Pieces'
February 21, 2001 'Period Piece Stars Have A History'
February 2001 Filming starts at the great house.
August 2000 Article - Telly Times: 
Stoney Grove chosen as site for the filming of the great  feminist romance novel classic 'Last Taxi to Kensington.'
October 2, 1999 Guild Gathers to Honour O'Rall
Puckering Gazette