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Toussand Sends Granny Flying

Playing hookie from a hectic filming schedule this week, actress Suzanne Toussand caused quite a stir when she allegedly got into a row with a resident of Upper Puckering and tipped the wheelchair-bound grandmother of six  into the street.  The woman survived the incident, but is considering filing charges. Though Toussand refused to comment, her agent denies any malicious intent guided the action.  "Suzanne is in a delicate emotional state right now," she said by way of explanation.  "Tensions are high on the set, and she simply got distracted and had an accident. We're all grateful no one was injured."

Could these tensions be of a romantic nature?  Whilst Toussand has recently been seen out on the town with with producer Alan Carver, sources disclose that her  passion for ex-lover and co-star Gary Archer may not be dead.  Could a liaison with Archer have brought her to the village and this brush with disaster?  

As always, if you want to know, ask your Uncle Bob!