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Telly Times -  August edition 2000
Segovia TV announced today that they would be filming the famous romance novel Last Taxi to  Kensington. Filming will take place at Stoney Grove, an historical estate located near the village where the book was set. The novel, considered a early feminist triumph, was written by Helena O’Rall in 1949.

"We're delighted that the owner of Stoney Grove has been such an accommodating chap," said Arthur Daily, "it's the perfect location for the film.  The old place captures the essence of O'Rall's beautiful but slightly run-down Wilverdean Hall. I got shivers when I walked through the house---I could feel Loretta's suppressed passion pulsating through the walls."

 For the Taxi script, Daily urged veteran screenwriter Anita Welk to stay faithful to O'Rall's artistic vision.  "What we have here is a classic piece of literature, beloved by critics and romance readers alike.  It deserved nothing less than the loving guidance of one of the Britain's rising talents to bring it, fully realised, to the viewing public. I assure you that had O'Rall lived to see it herself, she would be greatly moved."