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"Bob's your Uncle" Entertainment News

Uncle Bob has just discovered that the cast photograph Suzanne Toussand supplied for the Last Taxi web site does not tell the whole story. Our sources were able to come up with the original, which we've re-printed above. Instead of a lonely Suzanne staring out to sea, we find a mystery man by her side.

So who is the lad, you ask? Well, we sent the picture to our friends at the local bobby shop and after running it through their specialist equipment they concluded... Gary Archer! Is the chopped-off photo a message? Or is its inclusion signs that the frosty Ms. Toussand is still carrying a flame?

Rumour has it that Suzanne is currently dating director Alan Carver. She and Gary face some torrid love scenes ahead, however, and we think things might be getting a little interesting on the set right now.

As always, if you want to know, ask your Uncle Bob!