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After making it's debut in February 8, 2001, Stoney Grove Series Three concluded with Simon and Ann's wedding in July. The story centered around the wedding and the filming of "Taxi to Kensington." The site is on an extended hiatus!

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Stoney Grove is essentially an episodic story. It debuted on the web in March 1998 and tells the story of two people who bought an old English country house with the proceeds of a lottery win. If this is your first visit to Stoney Grove,  you can get straight into the story by going to the current episodes page. The story is told through several voices, so make sure you visit Shirley, Simon and Ann's office, and the Dining Room to get the whole picture.  Use the icons on the left side of the screen to go directly into the story, or use the doors on the right to explore the house and discover the story for yourself.

If you want a quick summary of  the episode, click on Episode Summary.  You can also go directly to Series 1 and/or Series 2 or look at the wealth of other material about the house and it's occupants. 

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What Is All This? is a limited liability corporation owned and managed by a married couple--one English, one American. The site's debut was in late March of 1999.  The entertainment portion of the site consists of a web-based episodic story set in a virtual historic house.  The story traces the restoration of an 18th-century estate and the lives of  the people who inhabit it. 

This is a work of fiction and attempts to use the web to create a interactive non-linear story that will develop in different ways across space and time, exploring the themes of love, restoration, history, interpretation and the nature of a home. The backdrop to the story is the village of Puckering, home of the Puckering Gazette, a virtual newspaper, The Village Idiot, a virtual pub, and many other features. 

Stoney Grove is part of a new genre of episodic story telling on the web. For the best in news, information and links visit the Episodic. You may want to check out our links page.

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Where Is All This?

Stoney Grove, and the neighbouring villages of Upper and Lower Puckering, are virtual. They exist only on the net. The house is an original creation, although the exterior is inspired by Berrington Hall in Herefordshire, U.K. Berrington Hall is a National Trust site and is open to the public (and well worth a visit!) For more information go to THE NATIONAL TRUST SEVERN REGION web site.

The Caribbean portions of the story in Series 2 is set largely on Nevis. Although all the people in our story are fictional, Nevis is a real place.  It is a wonderful island to visit; with a mountain and hills, beaches, history and rum - what else is there!
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Go to the Episodes section to catch up with what's going on in the current episode.  In Series 3, the story lines are found in Shirley's kitchen, Simon and Ann's Office, and the Dining Room, as well as the companion Taxi to Kensington site. Having a cup of tea with Shirley is always a good place to start if you want to catch up. If you are new,  click here to get acquainted.


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Please contact us at with your opinions and questions about Stoney Grove. Join in the conversation at the Village Idiot through the bulletin board,  or leave feedback (Feedback form).

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