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Stoney Grove story
June 30, 2001

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Stoney Grove Wedding Special

The Happy Couple Left the Church in a Vintage Taxi Perhaps it’s too early for a claim of Puckering’s wedding of the century, but the marriage of Ann Simmons and Simon Tinsley certainly caused a big stir in the village. The couple, owners of Stoney Grove, put on the kind of event seen rarely in these parsimonious times. Celebrity watchers may have caught sight of Gary Archer, currently starring in Phil, and Segovia producer Arthur Daily. Keen eyes also claimed to have seen Hugh Grant though the Gazette was unable to confirm his presence.

The ceremony was held in the Upper Puckering Parish Church with the reception held at the big house. The food, as this writer can attest, was wonderful, the drink flowed freely, and the band can best be described as eclectic. A brief shower did little to dampen the spirits of the crowd and a number of village luminaries were seen cutting a rug on the dance floor. We can report that Chester Vyse seemed capable of both restoring the church, house, and then art of disco, though when we asked the name of his companion for the evening he could only manage the phrase ‘she’s mighty, mighty!’

With most of Puckering present, it would be easier to list who wasn’t there, so we hope that the following pictures give a sense of a wonderful day.

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