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We were reviewed by Access magazine who gave us a Four Star rating (the highest given for any of the featured episodic sites). A 'captivatingly voyeuristic site' and 'so much fun'.

Award for best Web soap site from The Net, 'Britain's biggest internet magazine.'

Outstanding Achievement In Interactivity: Episodic Eppy Awards
1999, 2000 and 2001
What the judges said:

  • "For the third year in a row, Stoney Grove has no equal in this department"

  • " anyone surprised that Stoney Grove took this honor for the second year in a row? SG's story depends on the audience taking an active role, hunting out the plot and character development through secret links, room plans, a local newspaper, chat transcripts, and much more" (2000).

  • "Great, great work, and even better than last year" (2000).

  • "The judges were blown away by SG's innovations, a step apart from the other nominated series due to its non-linear storytelling. Stoney Grove relies on the reader taking a particularly active role in clicking around to find all the plot threads - but with seemingly endless fun things to explore, SG is worth the perseverance" (1999)
  • "The format of Stoney Grove is perhaps one of the best ways to make a websoap seem interactive" (1999)
Outstanding Achievement in Original Graphics - Honorable mention: Episodic Eppy Awards
International Association of Web Masters and Designers (I.A.W.M.D.)
"This is one of those you must visit and explore to find out how truly brilliant it is." - Heather Arsenault, Web Soaps,
We were featured in an article by the U.K. based newspaper, The Daily Mail. 
"many pundits believe web-based soaps such as Schuyler Falls, Stoney Grove and Covington Bay could soon become household names" Daily Mail, March 7, 2000
We have had reviews from afar as well. A German E-zine ( ) said, "...the interactive leader is Stoney Grove, the eSoap about a run-down English country home." (January 2000)

El Clarin, an Argentinean E-Zine ( had this to say:  "Stoney Grove ( on the other hand, is a British site.  In this series, the most important thing is the place itself: with many options, attractive images, no illegible tables or links that don't get you anywhere. With all of its episodes on screen, one is able to receive ...chapters on history, and take a tour of the house, scene of schemes and intrigue." (January 26, 2000)