The Idiot

Nestled in the charming village of Upper Puckering

The Village Idiot is currently undergoing renovations - please check in on us as we strive to make this the best virtual pint you'll never have.

 raught Beer from Friary Ales

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Nun's Habit

The name was taken from a reader poll and all proceeds will help the church restoration  fund. Friary beer is gravity pulled from the cask and may contain inclusions. Also sample our famous 'Flaming Monk' .

Nun's Habit can be powerful stuff and leave you feeling a little drunk, or sozzled, plastered  or ...more

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While must pub games now consist of a video machine there are still some traditional ones played.

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S.gif (361 bytes)nacks and Bar Food - Bangers, Mash and Beans, Egg Chips and Beans, Baked Bean Lasagna, Gammon Chips and Beans, Beans on Toast (when available), Fish and Chips, Scampi and Chips. Deserts include Spotted Dick. Menu

 risps - flavours include Salt and Vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Hedgehog, Baked Bean, Prawn Cocktail and Pickled Onion.

Where did the name the Village Idiot come from? See what local historian Nigel Twicks has to say in a letter to the Puckering Gazette.
The Village Idiot can be found in the fictional village of Puckering. Any resemblance to a real pub, real beer or brewery is entirely con-incidental. This page is part of Stoney Grove
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