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Volume XXVII, No. 17

Saturday, June 12 , 1999             50p.

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Animal Rights Activists Release Mink near Puckering

Animal Rights activists released several thousand mink from a farm near Lower Puckering on Thursday. Whilst the action was decried by some, an anonymous spokesman for the group said that a few of the animals would survive and the rest would have had at least a taste of freedom. Locals were outraged by the release.  There have been reports of the animals, which are not native to England, causing havoc amoung local wildlife and even pets.

The Government recently failed to pass a bill that would ban fur farms in England.--Nigel Twicks

Mink release story in BBC news
Activists release 8000 mink
Animal rights campaigners slam mink release

RSPCA site (see news on bill to protest mink farms)

Puckering Profiles:  In General, Locals Love Small

Minnie Smalls has run the Upper Puckering Post Office and General Store for twenty three years. Though looking towards retirement, Minnie still loves her job and the people she helps. "We don't have any of that self-service nonsense in here," she said in a recent interview. "You tell me what you need and I'll get it for you." Times have changed though and Minnie relies on selling wines, spirits, cold drinks and sweets to supplement her less lucrative goods. "People drive to the Superstore now for their provisions," she notes. "But what about my pensioners? They can't get there so easily. It's nine miles away."

Minnie also acts as the unofficial tourist agency for the village. "We've had quite an increase in visitation recently," she observed, "including some nice Japanese people. Some people don't stay long.  It's not always what they expected."

The job requires long hours and Minnie has not had a holiday in seven years. "I went to Ramsgate with my sister and her family in 1992," she noted. "It rained." Minnie has no current plans for her retirement years.-Nigel Twicks

Dog Drives with Hat On

Harry Bowles was stopped by police last week for driving without due care and attention. Harry is legally blind, but explained to police that his Jack Russell, Trixie, guides him when he needs to get down to the High Street. "She barks once for left, twice for right and gets quite excited when I need to stop," he said. "The car is an automatic." The terrier was wearing a hat. The police have taken away Harry's license, pending charges. As for Trixie, "I never trust a driver wearing a hat," noted Sergeant Geoffrey Archer.--Lumpy Gaites


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