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Emma Knytleigh: In an attempt to record the current history of Stoney Grove a number of interviews and conversations will be recorded with some of the people who have connections with the estate. Accordingly the Dining Room has been supplied with hidden microphones and recording equipment to allow the process to take place in as natural a setting as possible.  Participants are, of course, aware that conversations are being recorded.

Transcript: Conversation with Simon, 15/6/99, EK

Simon: So you want this stuff to record peoples' conversations and interview them.

Emma: That's right, I want to ask them about their lives and how Stoney Grove affected them.

Simon: But I thought you were going to do the history of the house. Or are you going to interview ghosts!

Emma: History is a process and current history is equally valuable. Anyway things have a habit of reoccurring.

Simon: Like the original house had a horny hermit?

Emma: Maybe, or maybe like the original owner died shortly after moving in.