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Author Topic:   Nipples
Tomms Had a call from Suzanne Toussand's agent. Seems the poor girl is in absolute terror of our own dear Carver, but wants to point out that she has a nudity clause. Evidently the love scene is written somewhat ambiguously and she wants to know how far he intends to take it. Can you ask him? Obviously cleavage is OK, but the legal sticking point seems to be the nipple. Is it in or is it out? Hoping you can give us a heads up on this before it turns into a problem.
CMiles Alan doesn't want to show his hand. He wants to leave the decision to the moment. He feels the actors should be unsure of how far things will go in order to add nervous tension to the scene.
Tomms No can do I'm afraid. Suzanne's contract is quite clear and she has the right to a double if we're going down to nipples. Otherwise it’s going to lay us bare to all sorts of action.
CMiles Can we get a stand-by on the set for contingency purposes? That way if we want to display a little more, we'll have it at hand. Does she have rights over who we use?
Tomms She has veto power to exclude a candidate. I’ll contact her agent and get her to contact Suzanne to see if she has a preference for who should play her breasts.
Tomms Suzanne’s choice is Sally Alison who she studied with in London. I understand she has done some magazine work. I'll fax you the particulars.
CMiles Good gracious, she only just made it through the fax machine! I almost had to tear it from Tinsley's hand (he owns the house and is quite fascinated by the process). Look, she can't be serious! Carver looked long and hard at it but said no way was this the breast of Loretta Princeton. I confronted Suzanne with it and she admitted that Sally does seem to have grown some since drama school. Do we have any smaller breasts in the books?
Tomms Think this is getting out of my field. Though I'd be happy to spend the day going through the books looking for nipple doubles, best I pass it on to casting.
Abigail Abigail here, faxing you some more samples.
CMiles Can you put a cover sheet on? I've got Tinsley basically camped in the office handing them to me as they come off the machine. He's even started to make suggestions, though I must say that I agree with him that piercings do seem a little inappropriate.
CMiles OK. We're agreed on Karen Mildings. Send her a basic contract and ask her to be on the set Thursday week for some preliminaries. We'd like to shoot her with Arthur on site and we'll decide whether we’ll use it during editing.
Abigail Oh she'll be thrilled. She's pretty much a newcomer and I know this will be on her resume tomorrow.
Irene Just curious, but how do they actually list these engagements?
Abigail Well with famous doubles they'll come right out with it. ‘Winona legs’-- that sort of thing. If it's for an unknown then they just list it as an acting credit.
Arthur Get this woman on the phone and under exclusive contract a.s.a.p. We don’t want her out moonlighting as Madonna’s bottom when we need her, do we?

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