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Author Topic:   Web A Sight!
Tomms I’ll chose my words carefully, but who the hell is doing the web site! I’ve spent the day talking to the agents of Suzanne, Peter, Florence and Gary. Gary’s agent had to put the telephone down and take oxygen. I was informed that for Gary this is a big part, one that will get him noticed as a ‘quote’ serious actor. Therefore, he feels, it does not help his profile to have the web site cast photo be him in a ‘f**king astronaut suit’-- his words. He wondered, as incidentally did the agents of our other three stars, what 'moron/idiot/amateur' (Florence’s agent is more polite) came up with the press shots. You can’t see any of them! You have the back of Flo’s head and Peter looks like he should be in a circus parade!

And they were not happy with the copy either!

And how come I was able to get in here from the web site? Isn't it supposed to be protected or something? This could open us up to all sorts of liabilities.

(By the way - how did you manage to get a shot of Alan smiling!)

Roge Sorry, not my thing. I just do the press stuff. Not really sure what department the web site falls under. Is it production? Is it design? Or is it indeed publicity and I'm just a silly goose who doesn't know what his department does anymore!

I'll look into it for you.

Irene Not us. Though Alan told Arthur he thought his head looked too big.
CMiles Sorry, just caught this thread. How do you people keep up? For some reason web site came under Direction. Alan passed it on to me and I got a firm called SpiderShit to do it. I liked the photographs, not exactly your standard shot, but a hint of mystery there. Actually Suzanne insisted on her shot and the rest sort of went from there.

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