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Director: Alan Carver
This intense director inspires both fear and admiration from his cast. Though reputed to have a fiery temper, he says little on the set beyond a curt 'again' and 'print.' In a rare interview,  Carver explained that he felt that actors produce their best work under tension. For Carver, a sense of uncertainty in the filming leaves actors on the edge and puts their best work on the screen. This feisty director takes pride in the knowledge that one of Britain's finest once described him as "a complete stinker."

A smiling Alan on location (1998)


Reginald Winters:  Peter Willey
Exuding a casual charm and insouciance, Peter has worked in innumerable theatre and television productions in the last decade. Often cast as the best friend, Peter's last role was the crafty cockney Ig, the Iago of Barry Balshall's Oth which was set in the East End of London during the 1960's. This award-winning production led to a BAFTA for Peter and also to his capturing the role of Reg in Taxi to Kensington.
Peter on location for Oth ( 1999)
Loretta Princeton: Suzanne Toussand
A newcomer to the screen, Suzanne brings a freshness and vitality to the part of Loretta that is sure to wow audiences. Plucked from a small repertory company in Blackburn by director Alan Carver himself, Suzanne is surely taking a cab ride to stardom.


Suzanne has a bright  future in acting


Arthur Kingsley: Gary Archer
'Phil' in the popular TV sitcom George, Gary sees the role of Arthur as a chance to break the mold. Though both characters are solid, unmarried men in their twenties, for Gary, the difference is that this production is set during the Second World War.


Gary's out-of-this-world performance in Shoot the Moon (1995) landed him a starring role in George

Beatrice Farthingale played by Florence Blue
As the only cast member who has memories of WWII, Florence brings a wealth of experience to the role. A stalwart of British drama for years,  Flo's performance in Taxi is sure to be another defining role for her.



Flo (left) as Mrs. Michaeltweathe on location at Castle Howard (1999)