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Author Topic:   Star Crossed Lovers
Roge Me Again!

Anyway just had a inquiry from the press, can't say who just yet but let's just say an important voice in the entertainment industry. His sources say that Suzanne and Gary have actually worked together before. In fact they tell him that they'd been involved in some theatre work in the Midlands a couple of years ago and had a fling! I had no idea.

So what do I tell him? Do we get better mileage out of it being true or false? And if anyone does know what happened, I, for one, am just dying to find out.

Irene Suzanne said they did work together but that was all. I thought I detected a blush but they've been very professional in rehearsal. No sign of anything yet, though the love scenes are yet to come.
Roge So no truth that Gary was the one that suggested her for the part?
Irene Alan somehow heard about this thread and wants it stated as public knowledge that he was the one who 'discovered' Suzanne and that it was his decision alone to hire her for this part. One which he feels will make her a leading figure in television drama.
aLice Well I heard from a friend of a friend who knew someone in props at the Solihull Pavilion that a young Suzanne Toussand not only worked with Gary but that they had a rather passionate thing going and that she still carries a flame. Did some production together where he couldn't keep his trousers on. Evidently he called it off when he went to London to work on "George." We'll have to see if those love scenes bring anything out - wonder if she still wants to use the body double!
Roge I must say this is all very exciting, but what do I tell the press?
aLice Deny it emphatically and then I'll contact them anonymously and pass on the name of my friend's friend in props. Then we can deny it again and get some more mileage out of it. Can we get some early shots of them embracing in 'Taxi' for release?
George Testing
CMiles Alan is considering removing the love scenes at this point. For him the arc of the story is Loretta's passage to maturity and self-knowledge. He thinks the love scenes may detract from seriousness of the story.
Arthur Cynthia, talk to Alan. I'll be down there tomorrow. The love scenes are in, it's been our selling point for the whole series.
CMiles Alan said he is not available to meet with you tomorrow and that he will make whatever editorial decision he feel are necessary for the success of the production.
Arthur Tell Alan to expect my call.
Irenew General announcement: Alan Carver has quit as director of Taxi to Kensington. In his resignation speech to the crew and cast he said he would not and could not accept interference in his film making process. They all cheered.
Roge Oh this is more exciting than the book. Still let's keep this one under wraps, shall we? I'd rather the story was more on the lines of new director to add sex to historical novel rather than 'troubles on the set' sort of thing.
Irenew Alan is back on board. After meeting with Arthur today for several hours, production will continue and, of course, Alan has full editorial control. Evidently the love scene was always in, but it was the appearance of interference that Alan could not allow.

Just had to bring this topic to the top of the list again.

Wanted to let you know that one of the tabloids has a picture of Alan and Suzanne leaving a London restaurant last night arm in arm! Isnít it delicious!

roge I have been informed, on the highest authority, that Alan and Suzanne were dining for professional reasons. Evidently anyone who says anything else to the press should consider their position carefully.

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