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Author Topic:   Feminist by-line
Roge Please be aware the current by-line for the production is "Taxi to Kensington - A Woman's Choice in Times of War." Please use this in any communication. The publicity department would like to stress that 'Feminist Classic' is to be avoided in communications with the press.
awelk I'm sorry that I mentioned the word Feminist in connection with this production but I'm very proud to be associated with this seminal work. It has been known as a feminist classic for many years and I was just re-iterating a commonly expressed praise.
Roge Of course, whilst it is a 'feminist classic' it's not a term that the company feels comfortable with. It is much better to use words associated with feminism such as independence, strength and choice. We tend to stay away from the 'F' word.
aLICE Only 32% of women described themselves as feminist. The number that associate themselves with terms such as 'independence' and strength' is much higher.
awelk Has anyone considered the American market? 'Woman's Choice' is a very loaded term. How about 'Difficult Times - Difficult Decisions.'
Roge We donít just come up with these things off the top of our heads, you know. Each term is researched and market-tested among several demographics. We are currently discussing deals for release on American television but it is likely that we will go with another title altogether. Please don't let this get out but I think the working slogan for our Atlantic cousins is 'Great War. Great House. Great Waste.í For Americans, itís best to keep it simple. They like large things and it goes to the tradition and heritage market there.

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