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Amazon Hidden Lives : The Archaeology of Slave Life at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest by Barbara J. Heath

An examination of how enslaved African-Americans created a community in central Virginia written from an archaeological perspective

Discovering Archaeology in England and Wales Discovering Archaeology in England and Wales by James Dyer
Fairweather Eden : Life Half a Million Years Ago As Revealed by the Excavations at Boxgrove by Michael Pitts and Mark Roberts

Mr. Roberts is the man primarily responsible for the excavations at Boxgrove, Sussex, which produced evidence of human presence in England half a million years ago, a date earlier than previously assumed and earlier than such evidence elsewhere in Europe has indicated. This book covers the history of the dig, gives considerable information on earlier archaeological efforts and theories, and describes mundane matters like funding, staffing, and the storage of bones from shrews and rhinoceroses.

Fairweather Eden
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The Landscape of Roman Britain by Ken Dark and Petra Dark
The Landscape of Roman Britain is the first book to combine the latest advances in the archaeology of the period with new scientific approaches to environmental reconstruction. It brings together information from excavated sites and archaeological survey data with that provided by the study of ancient plant and animal remains in order to produce a fuller picture of the society, economy and natural environment of the Romano-British countryside.
Fishbourne Roman Palace by Barry Cunliffe Buy from the UK
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