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The Flowering of the English Landscape Garden

The Flowering of the Landscape Garden : English Pleasure Grounds 1720-1800 by Mark Laird

A comprehensive new look at the design of 18th-century British landscape gardens with a focus on flowers and ornamental shrubberies

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The Genius of the Place : The English Landscape Garden, 1620-1820
by John D. Hunt (Editor), Peter Willis (Editor)

Selections of important contemporary writings on the subject of landscape

The Planters of the English Landscape Garden

The Planters of the English Landscape Garden: Botany, Trees and the Georgics by Douglas Chambers
There have been many studies of the English landscape garden of the late 17th and early 18th centuries, but most of these have concentrated on the tastes of owners or the technical plans of designers. This illustrated book by Douglas D. C. Chambers instead discusses the philosophy of gardening and landscaping that developed during this period, the gardeners who made the gardens, and the new planting materials available to them.

The Country House Kitchen Garden

The Country House Kitchen Garden 1600-1950 by C. Anne Wilson

The English Forma Garden

The English Formal Garden: Five Centuries of Design by Gunter Mader and Laila Neubert-Mader
Two of Europe's foremost garden historians demonstrate the features and structure of the traditional English formal garden. Photographs and drawings document ten full tours of such prominent sites as Parnham House, Hestercombe Garden, Sissinghurst Castle, and other gems of the British Isles.

The Garden Lover's Guide to Britain

The Garden Lover's Guide to Britain by Patrick Taylor and Penelope Hobhouse
There are thousands of British gardens open to the public. Of these, Patrick Taylor has chosen the most distinctive 100, selected for beauty, pleasure, and British horticultural tradition. The great traditional gardens of Hidcote and Stourhead are included, as are a variety of lesser-known but mesmerizingly lovely spots throughout Britain.
Plants in Garden History Plants in Garden History by Penelope Hobhouse
Gardens of England and Wales Gardens of England and Wales open for Charity:1999 by National Gardens Scheme
Charleston Kedding: A History of Kitchen Gardening by Susan Campbell

A fictional garden described over time, lavishly illustrated


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One Hundred English Gardens: The Best of English Heritage Parks and Gardens Register by Patrick Taylor
Taylor, author of A Gardener's Guide to Britain, is particularly qualified to select 100 outstanding sites from the more than 1,500 overall. Expect to find evocative photographs of formidable landscapes in a lavish book that interprets a particularly remarkable aspect of English culture...Readers dreaming of a visit are provided with listings of addresses and opening times.
Gardens of England and Wales open for Charity:2000 by National Gardens Scheme

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