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Amy's Postcard
Dear Miss Simmons,

You see, I know your name now.  I read about you and Mr. Tinsley in the paper.  I haven't got your cheque yet.  When can I expect it?  You really should hurry.

Roderick Dinnell

Dear Miss Simmons,

Thank you for attending our recent lecture, "Restoring with Faith."   On behalf of the Friends of UPPC, I would like to extend an invitation to you and Mr. Tinsley to attend master mason Mr.Godfrey Clayburne's lecture, "Laying a Foundation of Excellence, Building a Wall of Trust."  The program will be held in the church hall on June 22 at 7:30 p.m. 

Kindly RSVP to the church office by Friday, June 18th.

Reverend L. Nigel Banks

We do hope you can attend!


Dear Mr. Tinsley

Enclosed please find a bill for 375 pounds for the removal of the large oak tree undertaken on 21/5/99.  As I mentioned previously, we will be pleased to discuss our "five tree discount" with you at your convenience.  Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to serve you.

Puckering Tree Service--"A Cut Above"

Dear Ann,
Just wanted to let you know that I received your abstract and feel that we have an exciting session scheduled for the SOMEH conference next fall.  I also wanted to remind you that papers are due to the discussant by September 1. 


P.S.  How do you like England?  I hear rumors of a plum job opening up here next fall...Guess as a member of the landed gentry you can't be tempted?

Dear Miss Simmons,
     I really must protest the installation of the Minerva satellite system at Stoney Grove.  I believe I made the rules concerning intrusive features on the house facade quite clear to Mr. Tinsley, but it seems they have been disregarded.   Before taking the matter further, I wondered if you and I might meet in "neutral" territory, say in the village, over a cup of tea, and work through this?  If you are agreeable, kindly suggest a day and time.  I await your reply.

Respectfully yours,

Chester Vyse