Simon: I'd been in Philadelphia for just a few months when this bloke Jake Waterman, who was part of our Los Angeles office, came into town. Some woman at work arranged for him to take a tour of the art museum, wanted to impress him with local culture and all that. He wasn't having any of it; didn't fancy spending the afternoon with some uptight historian, so I told him I'd go and cancel for him. I was thinking what the hell, she can't be that bad, but as soon as I saw her...Well, they say you know when you meet the right one, and I thought that maybe I had.  Before she even opened her mouth. I don't really know why, I just knew she was special. So, I lied. Not a major lie that would hurt anyone, or anything like that. I just told her that Jake was sick, and that I'd never been to the museum, and asked her if she wanted to have a bit of a wander round with me. Amazingly, she did, so we fiddled around a bit looking at art, then went and got some dinner.  It's difficult to know why, but she was just, right.
Ann: I had a friend that worked for a software company, and she was trying to impress this guy Jake. They'd met at a conference and she wanted to lure him into transferring to her office.  She asked me to show him around the art museum, because apparently they'd had a conversation about cathedrals at one point and he'd seemed to know a lot about medieval history.  Anyway, I agreed to meet him, show him the highlights, and arrange to run into her at a nearby bar later in the day.  The plan was that I'd exit, and they'd have a romantic evening together.  He didn't know any of this, of course. I was waiting for him in the lobby and this good-looking guy came up and told me, in an English accent, that Jake was ill and had to cancel.  We started talking, and spent the rest of the day together. Simon and I really hit it off. We ended up with the romantic evening--my friend did laundry, and Jake, well, who knows? I never met him.
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