In the lobby, Philadelphia Museum of Art, an afternoon in July of 1999

Ann: Excuse me, are you Jake?

Simon: No, Iím afraid not.

Ann: Oh, Iím sorry to bother you.

Simon: Hang on a minute. Are you Ann?

Ann: Yes.

Simon: Jake is sick. He tried to phone you to tell you he couldnít meet you here, but you were out, so he asked if Iíd pop Ďround and deliver his message in person.

Ann: Oh, Iím sorry. About Jake, I mean. It was really nice of you to come all the way over here to tell me.

Simon: I just live around the corner. It wasnít any trouble.

Ann: Well, thanks anyway.

Simon: Iím sorry to have ruined your date.

Ann: It wasnít a date. Sort of a meeting arranged by a mutual friend. She asked if I could show him around while he was in town. I didnít realize he knew anyone else here.

Simon: Heís in our Los Angeles office. Iíve spoken to him on the phone a lot, but just met him when he came out.

Ann: Well, I donít want to hold you upÖand since you live nearby you must come here all the time. It was nice meeting youÖ

Simon: Simon. My nameís Simon Tinsley. Actually, Iíve never been in here before. I havenít been in town long either.

Ann: Where are you from?

Simon: London. My company sent me over here to beat the Y-2K bug. Not likely to be a problem, if you ask me, but I thought, a trip to the States, what the hell. I came over in April.

Ann: Well, itís a great museum.

Simon: Itís a bit grand for Saturday afternoon, you know. Still, since Iíve made it through the door, do you fancy a look around?

Ann: Sure. I love this place. Itís probably my favorite spot in the city.

Simon: What shall we look at then?

Ann: Theyíve got some amazing stained glass here. And some quite nice medieval sculpture. And a cloisterÖItís French, you know, but pretty interesting.

Simon: Hmm. Okay, yeah. Letís go.