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[click] July 1. This is Simon Tinsley, reporter, Puckering Gazette. I am here with Ann Simmons at the home of Arlette Williamson and her son Winston. It was Mrs. Williamson's mother who found the first part of the Fanny manuscript, a document that shed interesting light on the life of the first lady of Stoney Grove. She has agreed to be interviewed for the Puckering newspaper.

[Simon] Mrs. Williamson. How did these documents come into your mother's possession?

[Arlette] Mother was always one for looking into history. History' s important, it is. If you don't know your history then you don't know where you're coming from, that's what she was always saying. She was a school teacher in Gingerland. Taught school for many, many years. She wrote a guide to the Islands, you know, which used to be sold in the hotels.

[Ann] Do you know where she found the Fanny manuscript?

[Arlette] She always had it from when I was a child. She showed it to us when we were young. She would talk of maybe visiting Stoney Grove one day you know, but she never did.

[Simon] How did she know about Stoney Grove?

[Arlette] You think she couldn't read? Mother taught school for forty years. It's all in the document, you read the documents?

[Winston] Easy Mother. Man's just asking questions.

[Ann] Yes, we read it, but I think Simon was wondering if she had any more recent contact with the place.

[Arlette] Sure, Mr. Basil wrote her you know. She sent him part of the manuscript. No charge, because he was family. You look after family, just like I look after Winston here.

[Simon] Winston looks like he could look after himself.

[Arlette] The boy needs his mother to look after him. He want to go to school, but I haven't the money for that.

[Simon] Isn't he a bit old for school?

[Ann] It's all right Mrs. Williamson. She means University, Simon.

[Arlette] What you think I mean, nursery school? Winston here got three A-levels, you know. How many you got? Anyway I was thinking, he could come back to England with you, stay at Miss Fanny's house, go to a good English school, like Oxford.

[Winston] I told you, I'm going to the States to do a tourism degree. I'll get a basketball scholarship.

[Arlette] Boy's got no sense. You go to England. You got a right. Mr. Basil always told my mother she was welcome. Well her grandson's coming.

[Simon] Well I rather think Fanny may have given up her rights when she killed her husband.

[Arlette] What you saying, she have no rights, her family have no rights? You think we still all slaves. Her husband was a monster. She thought he'd killed her son. No respect for his women. God would have forgiven her.

[Winston] Easy now, easy. Maybe you can come back later.

[Simon] Absolutely. [click]