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Author Topic:   Suzanne
roge If anyone is asked about Suzanne's little contretemps with the old lady PLEASE say no comment. We're already in trouble with minorities and we don't want the disabled lobby against us as well.
Irenew Absolutely, Mum's the word. But is it true she tipped the poor thing out of her wheelchair?
awelk I heard she tipped up the wheelchair and then pushed the old dear into the path of an oncoming cement truck.
Abigail Well my source told me the reason she pushed this old crippled lady out of the wheelchair was because she was tired after shopping all day and needed somewhere to sit! I've always felt actors were very selfish.
roge She did not tip anyone into the street nor did she break anyone's legs or drown any sweet little puppies! Suzanne is very upset by the bad publicity. She said that she was trying to get past this lady on the street when the old lady started abusing her and that she accidentally bumped the wheelchair and that one wheel went down the curb.
Tomms I'd just like to make it known that Suzanne was taking a personal day when this occurred and it in no way should be associated with Segovia TV nor will we be accepting any liability.
CMiles Suzanne is absolutely distraught. It has affected filming as she couldn't work today. I think Suzanne deserves our support and thoughts at this time. It's very easy for stars to be subject to these kind of allegations.
roge Absolutely. I was going to say that. Poor love.

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