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Author Topic:   New Project?
aLice Not to jump the gun because, of course, weíre all thrilled with how well Taxi is doing, but has anyone heard about Alanís next project? Word is that he and Arthur are heading out to Hollywood for one of those full-blown English epics.
Tomms This is not to be discussed. Right now everything is up in the air and people are talking to people. We can say that there may be another project and that Alan may be involved as a director  - but nothing more.
Abigail Saying that Alan may make another film is not news, even in this gossip-filled industry. The interesting question seems to be who goes with him. Speaking, of course, in general terms, if there was to be an American production would Suzanne be involved? I heard that sheís seeing both Alan and Gary at the moment. Is Alan preparing to lure her away to America for himself?
Tomms There is nothing to discuss. There is no agreement and nothing is happening until we say so.
aLice Absolutely, of course, but if there were a film it would be interesting to see what Suzanne would do. I mean, after all, Gary left her to go to London for his sitcom and now the tables are turned, or would be of course, if there was anything to this which Iím sure there isnít, but still.
George Testing
Irenew So are Suzanne and Gary seeing each other?
CMiles No-one is quite sure but they are getting on very well on the set. Of course Suzanne had dinner with Alan in London again, last week so....
Tomms OK. The legal department has met and after much debate we can now officially say that the idea of a movie directed by Alan through an American studio has been discussed in general terms. It should be noted that no decisions have been made as to timetables, actors, subject matter or settings. Just keeping you informed.

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