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Author Topic:   Cast Gossip
roge I just wanted everyone to know that itís not true that Peter Willey has gone into rehab again for his drinking problems. Heís just spending a few days at a health spa to recuperate. Also Flo Blue is not a Satanist. She was just trying to get in touch with the lady that wrote the book.
roge Before anyone comments on the newly released photo of Suzanne and Gary, I think we should wait for some guidance from Alan on Taxi's official position on the story. Whilst he may have some personal reservations, a romance between the two is probably good news for selling the film.  Remember, loose lips sink ships!
Abigail But is it true? Are they a couple? Were they really involved before?  Does anyone know for sure?
George Testing
aLice I believe my sources. They were hot and heavy. The question is, are they still?  Irene, what can you add to this?
Irenew I don't like to gossip!
aLice This isn't about you for goodness sake! We have an audience to sell to! 68% of men and 83% of women in our target demographic are more likely to watch the film if the relationship between Gary and Suzanne is perceived to be real.  Spill the beans!
Irenew Okay. Yes, I saw them kissing at the pub, after Peter Willey's farewell party. It could have just been friendly, but it looked to be more than that.  That's all I know. I'll keep an eye out.

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