or blotto, or smashed, or bombed, or buzzed, or pissed, or soused, or inebriated, or piddled, or half cut, or  crocked, or wasted, or bombed, or intoxicated, or tipsy, or stewed, or  groatable, or tanked, or hammered, or  legless, or trashed, or loaded, or pie eyed, or sloshed

maybe you are drunk as a lord, over your cups, one over the eight, pissed as a newt, pissed as a fart, three sheets to the wind or under the influence

or perhaps you've just had a skinful, are among the Philistines,  had a few too many, or are simply Brahms (it's rhyming slang).

And there are quite a few terms for the results of too many beers!

Got some more? Let us know.

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