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Hello!  Glad to see you're out and about--did you have any trouble getting here?  John said that most roads were still impassible. It's a mess, isn't it?  We sent him to the village last night on his bike. Tinsley's been very sick,  you see. We couldn't get on the horn, with the lines down, so he went and fetched Eddy Waterfall. Eddy (I suppose I should call him Doctor, but I just can't get used to the idea) took one look at Tinsley and called an ambulance. He's got one of those cell phones. You'd think with all the money floating around this house that someone would have had the sense to buy one here. But no, it's all fancy cigars and wine and such...We had to carry him down to the main road on the back of Eddy's motorbike. Luckily Miss Ann had spent most of the afternoon clearing branches and such, so he could get through, but it was too narrow a path for the ambulance to get up to the house. She went with the lot of them, to be near him.  Mr. Vyse offered her a bed 'til Mr. Tinsley is out of hospital but she's staying with the vicar. Not that that won't set people to talking--Mr. Banks being youngish and a bit of a looker, you know.  Still, he's a safer bet than that other one...Ooh, I think I hear the kettle.  Like the sound of angels, it is, after a whole day without power.  Won't be a minute.

Go on, help yourself.  There's Stilton and pickled onion if you fancy some. Nothing like a good Ploughmans. Leftovers from our Dining Room picnic, what a commotion that was. There now, where was I? You know, I've been selling a few odds and ends, clearing the cupboards, really.  Martin thinks I should keep the stuff for John, but what's a young man want with my Mum's old plates?  We could do with a few bob.  Let me show you what I'm selling this week.  If you fancy it, you can bid.ebay link

Well, all these goings on and I haven't been able to get to the village myself.  Missed out on the numbers last night.  Could you pick me up a ticket at the newsagents on your way home, and I'll come 'round tomorrow and collect it?  Ta very much.