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Oh, come on in and have a cuppa. I'm rushed off my feet. It never rains but it pours. Not that you're not very welcome. I've got John out in the garden, trying to cheer up his granddad.  He's at University, you know and staying here for the summer. And he's got every right to do so, though that's another story. Poor Martin is besides himself right now. He's barely speaking. Tinsley's dad, the silly old fool, went and picked his prize-winning Tennis Ball lettuce. He's just like his son, never a moment's thought for other people's feelings. Two peas in a pod they are.

Not that I mind company.  Miss Simmons and I made a proper feast for a couple of friends of Tinsley's that came to stay for the weekend.  Served it in the Dining Room we did, first time in years there's been a proper meal in there. The wife was a bit stuck up and he seemed a bit of a wet blanket, but they liked my cooking.  Ate it all up and asked for seconds evidently. Can't want for better than that. And that Chester was hanging around the other day, mooning over Ann. Tinsley better watch out, or he'll find a different bird in the bush. Not that I'm one to gossip.

Have you heard what's going on at the Church? The Reverend Banks has got them sponsoring a beer at the Village Idiot. Well it's not right, is it? Not that I have time for going to the pub with all I have going on here, or going to the church for that matter. Martin pops in now and again, the pub that is, not the church.

Wedgwood Shell PlateI know that Frank Churchill used to like his beer too, but he seems to be coming out of his shell, now he's got that young student around him. I don't know what she sees in him, quite frankly, all skin and bone he is. She come in here the other day and tells me the house is going virtual, "I'm putting it on the web" she says. Right, I said, and I'll make dinner with Martin's virtual vegetables. It's all nonsense really, isn't it? Well mouths to feed, its almost getting busy in here. Still I must say it's let me earn a few pennies. I've got another one of those plates for sale, Jerry would be proud of me.  Let's just have a cup a tea and then I'll get started.