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Puckering Saved By an Act of God?
The violent storm that hit Puckering Friday had one unusual silver lining. The Puckering men's cricket team won't lose this weekend. In fact the poor condition of the ground gives the Irregulars reason to cancel their next few games, games that they may have had to forfeit because of lack of players. "Prior to the storm the village league had called to ask if Puckering was still a viable team, or whether we would need to withdraw from the league," said Nigel Morcombe. "I said, of course, we would play on, but quite frankly I didn't know where we would get the players. My dad volunteered to turn out. He was very good in his day, but at 92 I think he's past his best. Anyway once they heard about the storm damage we were given leave to sort out the ground, though we will need to re-arrange our remaining home games."   --Lumpy Gaites
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