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Puckering Fail on Run Rate Women's Cricket
Puckering failed again to manage their first victory of the season when they were set a challenging total of 152 to win by the host team of Ballingford. Puckering were all out for 37. Stand-in captain Bert Walsham noted, "It's like the England team, really. We were beaten because they had a better run rate."

The early finish did mean that the team was in the pub quickly, which was the best thing according to George Stout. "The teas at Ballingford have really gone downhill since Mrs. Arthur died. They have a lot of younger players now and their wives just are not up to it." George top scored for Puckering with 7.

A proposal has been put to the Puckering Cricket Club that it should support a women's cricket team for the next season. Club chairman and captain Nigel Morcombe (currently not playing due to injury) was lukewarm on the idea. "In my day the women made the teas and were glad to help. Still, if they've let them in at Lords I don't see how we can maintain tradition."

Several women from the village play for an combined villages area team which is currently unbeaten. 

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