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An American on Lady Bowlers

Although I do not yet understand the intricacies of the game,  I find myself becoming a cricket fan, and would like nothing better than to have the chance to play myself.  Rather than decry the loss of tradition, as Mr. Morcombe has done, let's welcome the start of a new era.  I'd love to learn to bat and bowl--where can I sign up?

Ann Simmons
Stoney Grove

Another Vote for Ladies on the Pitch

I have often thought that the only way that I could ever become even remotely interested in playing cricket would be if young women in good health were to take to the pitch.  Now that sounds more like it!

Reverend L. Nigel Banks
Upper Puckering Parish Church




Animal Rights

The release of the mink puts cruelty upon cruelty. There is no reason in today's age, except vanity, for the existence of the fur trade. These animals are kept in appalling conditions, in marked contrast to their status as luxury items. Unfortunately, releasing them just causes havoc among the natural animal populace, whilst most of the mink die terrified under the wheels of cars.

Anyone who really cares for animals should get in touch with the RSPCA and see what they can do to help.

Mrs. Louise Cobham

146 Robin Road, Upper Puckering