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  Have a cuppa with Shirley (or Martin)

Cuppa with Shirley




She's at her shop (In Olde Things Forgotten). We've got to start looking after ourselves, she says to me. We can't survive on your vegetables. Rushing around she is getting ready for this party. I thinks she's trying to do too much. You're not getting any younger, I tell her, but she doesn't listen. Tea? Make me a cup while you're there, would you? Every time I get up I fall over the blessed cat! Still the mice have gone.

They've no business bothering her about the past. John's a good lad, leave him in peace, I say. There's much too much talk in this house these days. Tinsley's a fool, though Miss Ann is a nice enough young lady, but her friend! I guess America is so big that they all need to shout.

Still She saw to them. And from what I've heard She's found herself a friend. Of course now She's got some success, no knowing what She'll do next. Poisoned one husband, is what I heard, and there's others been sick in this house. How will it end I ask you?

Is that tea ready yet?