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Emma Knytleigh: In an attempt to record the current history of Stoney Grove a number of interviews and conversations will be recorded with some of the people who have connections with the estate. Accordingly the Dining Room has been supplied with hidden microphones and recording equipment to allow the process to take place in as natural a setting as possible.  Participants are, of course, aware that conversations are being recorded.

AS and ST, 5/9/99

Ann:  Simon, you're back!  Where have you been?  I've been really worried about you!

Simon:  You have?

Ann:  Yeah, I have.  I missed you.

Simon:  You did?

Ann:  Yeah, I did.  Where were you?

Simon:  I went up to see Phil.  We took off on the bike and went  to a fair in Nottingham.  You missed me?

Ann:  Yeah.

Simon:  Not to kill the mood here, sweetie, but...why?

Ann:  I don't know.  I guess I've been thinking about us and, well, I think maybe I was wrong.  Maybe we don't have to be so similar to get along.   I mean, we have gotten along before, right?

Simon:  Course we have.  You're great, Ann.  I've always thought so! A bit of a bitch on occassion, but...

Ann:  Yeah, I know.

Simon:  So what do we do now? Are we still fighting?  Is this a truce?

Ann:  It's a truce.  Maybe we could go into negotiations.   Call a council or something?

Simon:  Could we do it at somewhere else? Go out?

Ann:  Like on a date?

Simon:  Yeah, why not.  We've never really dated, have we?

Ann:  No. 

Simon:  I suppose this should be platonic, or shall we skip that bit?

Ann:  I think it should be platonic.  At least for now, until we're sure.

Simon:  Bloody hell, Ann. We're stinking rich, we've got everything, and we can't have each other?

Ann:  Well, we could, but...

Simon:  No, you're right.  We'll "date."  How 'bout I pick you up tomorrow at 8:00 o'clock?

Ann:  Sounds good. 

Simon: Let's set one more rule.  No talking about the house. Think you can do it?

Ann:  You're on.  See you later!

Simon:  You're on.  See you later!