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Gotcha! Imbiben Soundly Beaten

To loud chants of we're not the worst The Irregulars celebrated an unlikely victory over rivals E. Imbiben

Full Match report

In other news....
E. Imbiben surprise loss to Puckering left an opportunity to Ballsgate which they duly took to become the new league champions (on goal difference). Puckering finished tied with Wd. Forest for last place, their best position for four years..

Puckering Irregulars Face Relegation to Kiddie League

Puckering’s dismal performance this season has lead to the possibility that they will not be invited to play in the league next year. With the season more than half over, Puckering have failed to record a single victory and their three points from 12 games stands as a testament to footballing futility.

"Despite a long and successful history [Editor - we were unable to verify any previous success!]  Puckering have been unable to field a side for much of the season and when they have they’ve been dreadful. We have asked that Puckering manage six points from their last six games" said local football official Alex Ramsley. "Otherwise our suggestion is that they play in the cub scout league."

Manager Bert Walsham was positive over the announcement. "Well, it gives the lads something to play for, doesn’t it?" he noted. "Usually at this point in the season we struggle for motivation. Not that there’s not some fine players among those cub scouts."

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