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With the death of Basil Hall in 1995 the house passed out of the line of the Hall family. It was sold into private hands and these, providently proved to be Ann Simmons and Simon Tinsley, recent winners of a large jackpot from and American lottery.

While Ann and Simon originally tried to restore the house themselves they came to realise that the house had a wider purpose and appeal and formed the Stoney Grove Trust, a private non-profit institution that has taken over the running of the house. Simon and Ann are on the board and have life tenancy in the house. The Board is supported by a small advisory panel.

The Board Members

Simon Tinsley

Ann Simmons

From the Gazette: Miss Simmons, the daughter of an English Literature professor and herself a college instructor for a brief period prior winning the lottery

Shirley Johnson (and Martin)

John White

Frank Churchill

Mrs. Williamson

Arthur 'Red' Covers (village elder)

The Advisory Panel

While the board may change the composition of the advisory panel as it sees fit the following are long term appointments to this group.

Chester Vyse

Emma Knightley

Evelyn Prosser

Phil Porkridge (Secretary and Trust Accountant)