The Reverend Nigel Banks, officiating
Father McGintus Hoole (blessing)
Miss Gladys Rutherford (organist)

Bridal party:
Amy Brice, Maid of honour
Emma Knytleigh, Bridesmaid
Jenny Bellafonte, Bridesmaid
Janey Bellafonte, Bridesmaid

Phil Porkridge, Best Man
Gary Archer, Usher
Frank Churchill, Usher
Chester Vyse, Usher

Mr. and Mrs. Simmons, parents of the bride
Mrs. Maude Tinsley and Luigi Giacomo, mother of the groom and guest
Mr. Harold Tinsley, father of the groom

Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Amberley 
Mr. Eric Andrews and guest
Mr. Jerry Anderson
Sergeant Robert Archer and guest
Mr. Nigel Artemaine
Mr. Nigel Barksley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bellafonte
Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Bennet
Miss Amanda Betersly and guest
Miss Florence Blue
Colonel and Mrs. Nigel Bratherton
Mrs. Nigel Bratherton
Mr. Gregory Breight-Laughton and guest
Mr. Frederick Bolger
Miss Angela Burns and guest
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Burstow and family
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Butlins
Mr. Alan Carver and guest
Miss E. Clair
Mr. Godfrey Clayburne and guest
Miss Louise Cobham and guest
Miss Jackie Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur "Red" Covers 
Mr. Arthur Daily and guest
Mr. and Mrs. James Dinnell
Miss Eugenia Dowley
Mr. Basil Edwards
Miss Nora Elberdine and guest
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald "Lumpy" Gaites
Mr. H. Grant and guest
Mr. Basil Hardcote
Mr. Ian Hepplewaite
Miss Irene Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson
Mr. Nigel Knapton
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel P. Lunton
Mr. Knobbly Lyles and guest
Mr. Nigel Mannerly and guest
Miss Karen Mildings and guest
Mr. and Mrs. Wilke Mindleman
Mrs. Evelyn Mockley
Mr. Leslie Moore and guest
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Morcombe
Lady Jane Elizabeth Palmyra Kitts and guest
Mr. Elliot Pinks and guest
Mrs. Caroline Porkridge
Ms. Evelyn Prosser and guest
Mr. and Mrs. David Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Ravi Rivkah and family
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Richards
Mr. and Mrs. L. Robbins
Mr. Nigel Rockmorton 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Simmons
Miss Minnie Smalls and guest
Mr. James Smith and guest
Miss Wendy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Sodic and guests
Mr. and Mrs. Crowder-Switts Sonderleigh
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stenhouse
Mr. and Mrs. George Stout and family
Lord and Lady Studley-Smythe
Mr. Arthur Summers 
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Summers-Winter
Ms. Suzanne Toussand and guest
Mr. and Mrs. T. David Truckle and family
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walsham
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Nigel Waterfall
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Waterman
Mr. John White
Mrs. Vera White
Mr. and Mrs. N. Andrew Wickham
Mr. Ian Wilkins
Mr. Peter Willey and guest
Mrs. Arlette Williamson
Mr. Winston Williamson
Miss Irene Wilson
Mrs. Elizabeth Winches
Mr and Mrs. N. Archer Winston
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Woolton
Mr. Yoda

flowers by Miss Nora Elberdine