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Oh, another visitor. Had a few through here, I can tell you. Itís because Iím in the television series, Taxi to Kensington. I did my part this week. Iím the gardener. That Carver bloke told me I was a natural. Silly fool, Iíve been gardening all my life, didnít need him to tell me how to do it. Itís your five minutes of fame said Tinsley. Seems to me Iíve done more working here for sixty years than in that five minutes, but everyone seems very excited because I turned on a hose!

Still they paid me well. Iím putting away a bit for John. I know he should stand on his own two feet but what am I going to do with money at my age? He might as well have it to enjoy. He certainly doesnít seem to be having much fun right now. Still Iím content with the odd pint in the Idiot and a biscuit and a cup of tea Ė are you pouring?