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Thanks so much for stopping by to check on Martin. Itís ever so nice of you. Well, the old boy is having a lie down. Heís a bit better today. Not too bad, really. Of course we donít know any more than we did when he went back in hospital. The first tests came back and said he was pregnant, and they had to admit that theyíd got things muddled up, though they were unwilling to let it go at first. So they ran some more tests, and said it would be at least a month before the results came back. Imagine that! Well, itís the National Health Service, isnít it? With all the cuts these last few years, they havenít got any money. Just let the old ones go, thatís what they do. As bad as living in America, it is. Ann was telling me that there you get good care if you can pay for it. Well, I have a few pounds left. The other day I says to Martin, "we should go see a specialist." Martin wonít hear of it, says Iím worrying about nothing, but I canít help it. Heís not right, not himself. John said heíd pay with money from his trust if we needed it. Such a help to us, he is.

Hasnít had a very nice time of it lately, poor lad. Emma laid him lowódonít get me started on her. Heís better off without heróI believe he knows that himselfóbut he wonít hear a word said against her. Even now. She doesnít deserve him. And now sheís run off to live with the Vicar. Heís playing with fire is our Reverend Banks. Iíll never understand it, but you canít deny that sheís got a certain attraction about her.

Still, John will brighten up soon enough. Theyíre letting his Dad out of the nick next month. John visits him all the time, and theyíve become quite friendly. I always did like Jerry. Maybe his fingers are a bit sticky, but his heartís in the right place.

Oh, thereís the kettle. You will stay for a cuppa, wonít you? Good, good. Did you know our Frankís got a girlfriend?