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Is it you again? Well, come in then and set yourself down. Shirleyís watching the filming. Theyíve made a hospital out the back of the house, and that Blue woman is dying. Not really, mind you, though to be honest sheís been lying in bed moaning so long it would be a blessing to see her go. Donít have much patience for all this doctoring right now myself. A bit too close to home, if you take my meaning.

Oh, Iím well enough. I have my days, like I say to Shirley, none of us is getting any younger. When the weather turns warm, Iíll be good as new. Been practising, you know, for the film. Iím the gardener. Donít have any lines, but Iíve got quite a complicated bit going with the hose. I watered the shrubs in the small garden all yesterday afternoon, just to get it right. Made things a bit soggy, what with the rain today, but I think Iíve got the gist of it. John was asking me what I was doing but it isnít me, you see. Itís him, the pretend gardener, whoís doing the work.

Well, Iíve just had my tea, so if you fancy a cup, youíll have to come back when Shirley is here. Iíll tell her you stopped in.