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Florence Blue: Frank, could I have a minute?

Frank: Yes, yes of course. How can I help?

Florence: This is a bit embarrassing, really. It’s just that I, ah, well, I heard you have an aura. That you can talk to people who have passed on.

Frank: Really? You heard that? Hmm…Well, yes, some of them. Not everyone, not by a long shot. But certainly people who’ve lived here, and sometime others.

Florence: Well, I’d like to…make contact. I really hesitate to get into it now, but maybe we could talk later?

Frank: Um, yes, I think so. Yes, we could do that. Could you stop by the Hermitage? We could make some tea and have a good chat.

Florence: Maybe this evening? We’re going out of town to do some shooting soon, and I hate to put it off.

Frank: This evening it is.

Florence: Oh Frank, thank you so much! I feel better already.

Frank: Not at all. Oh, Miss Blue?

Florence: Yes? Please, call me Flo!

Frank: Well then, Flo, you’ve got a nice aura yourself.

Simon: Ann, I need to talk to you about the wedding.

Ann: If it's about the invitations don't worry, we've got plenty of time. 

Simon: Well it's sort of about the people coming.

Ann: I don't know why you're stressing out over this. Let me finish my list and we’ll talk again later. One advantage of having a big house, is that we can invite whoever we want!

Mr. Tinsley: Simon!

Simon: Oh, hello Dad. You haven't been around much.

Mr. Tinsley: Oh I'm here. I know what's going on. I keep my eyes open.

Simon: Good result with the cricket.

Mr. Tinsley: Well, in my day, Sri Lanka wasn't even playing test cricket so I don't think it's much that we beat them. No doubt we'll be back to our usual humiliations when the Australians come.

Simon: Right. Well I've got to be moving on. People to see, bills to pay.

Mr. Tinsley: He's seeing her, isn't he? That funny bloke, daft as a brush, he's seeing her?

Simon: Oh, Frank? Yes, he's seeing Irene, the production assistant. Just between you and me I don't know how he does it. They're all at his knee.

Mr. Tinsley: Not Irene! He's been seeing the actress.

Simon: Suzanne? No, I think she just likes to go over there and bitch about the rest of the cast. I can't see her and Frank. I mean, really.

Mr. Tinsley: I'm not talking about that young talentless hack! I'm talking about Miss Blue. She's a star.

Simon: Frank and Florence Blue? I don't think so. I mean, she's more his age I suppose, not bad looking for an oldie but, do you think so?

Mr. Tinsley: Miss Blue is a real star. I saw her in Posts and Primroses in 1967 and I've followed her career ever since. She's a proper actress.

Simon: Sorry Dad, didn't realize you had a thing for her. Thought you were past that. Still, her and Frank? I mean, it’s a bit much.

Mr. Tinsley: I'm sure she is just being nice to him, but he's stalking her, asking her over for tea at all hours. Well, you tell him I'm watching!

Simon: O.K. Anyway Dad…. Dad? Oh well, I guess we'll discuss the wedding list later.

Gary Archer: Mr. Tinsley?

Simon: Simon, please.

Gary: Nice to meet you. I've seen you watching the takes. You own this place right?

Simon: Yes we, I do, well owner and manager really. Takes a lot of upkeep. By the way I'm a big fan of "George."

Gary: Thanks. Actually wish I was back there but my agent pushed me for this. Good for my career I suppose. Still this filming is awful. Normal television stuff we do in one or two takes but Carver is a bully. After three takes I've usually forgotten why we're even doing the scene, but he just keeps on. Suzanne is having a major tantrum right now, so we're finished for the day.

Simon: Well feel free to look around the house. No charge!

Gary: Right. Not my thing really, old houses. Sure yours is jolly interesting and all that but I couldn't help noticing the Harley classic in the stables. Is that yours?

Simon: Yes! I love that bike. Look, do you want to try it out? We could go down to the village and scare some old ladies.

Gary: Triffic!

Ann: Emma, have you seen Frank today? Irene was looking for him earlier, and he seems to have totally vanished.

Emma: Why does everyone think I’m his keeper? I don’t know where he is. He could be anywhere. None of my business, either.

Ann: Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you. Are you alright?

Emma: Of course I am. What does Irene want with him now?

Ann: She wanted to say goodbye. They’re going up to London to do some filming in a few days, and she was in the advance team, or something like that.

Emma: Well, that’s good news. I mean, for Frank. He’s quite lost his head over her. It will be good for them to have a break.

Ann: Will it? I thought he looked happy for a change.

Emma: Oh, Ann, don’t be daft. Of course he’s happy. He thinks she’s some long lost love, some student he mooned over years ago come back to him. I don’t know what she’s thinking. I mean, Frank’s a dear, but he’s not exactly well.

Ann: Didn’t seem to bother you…

Emma: Well I sussed it out, didn’t I? I just hate to see him get hurt again. And he will, you know. She’ll get fed up with living in his world, and she’ll bolt. She won’t be able to face it anymore. She’ll still care for him, of course, but she’ll just lose her ability to cope.

Ann: Emma, none of my business, but is this about Frank, or is this about you?

Emma: It’s about you asking me where Frank is. That’s all.

Ann: Okay. Well, if you see him…

Emma: I’m NOT going to see him.

Ann: Oh, never mind. Forget I mentioned it!

Simon: I really need to tell you something about the wedding list.

Ann: Is it Jackie? You want to invite her, but you think I'll be upset.

Simon: Yes, well…

Ann: It's O.K. Invite the witch, she can sit with Phil and Caroline. It'll give me some comfort to have them at each other’s throats.

Simon: It's not Jackie. It's not Jackie I was worried about. There's someone else.

Ann: Another ex from the past? Invite who you want Simon, though I'm not sure what you're trying to prove.

Simon: It's worse than that.

Ann: Worse? Oh good God! Don't tell me you’re already married. Not now.

Simon: No. I think I should invite my mother.