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Come on in, don’t be shy. Martin is up and about, so you’re not disturbing him. Let me just put the kettle on. John bought us this nice electric one, so I can have a cuppa without having to get up. Well, it’s for Martin really, but it’s ever so convenient.

The old boy is doing better, thank you. Not that they know what was really wrong with him. One specialist said something about his heart, and another one said something about his kidneys, but in the end everything seems to be working again. That’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

He’s gone and gotten a part in the film. My Martin, a star at his age! He’s going to be the gardener. Imagine that! Not a big part, but Irene, Frank’s new friend, told me that it was quite symbolic.

The cast and crew are all here, you know. Well you would have seen then, wouldn’t you? Bit of a to-do the other day when the director said he was quitting. Seems they have everything sorted though, and he’s back at it. Too high strung for this line of work, he is. Bit of a big head. Now Mr. Willey—he’s playing Reginald—is a real looker. If I were twenty years younger, all right, thirty—I’d be thinking about doing a little acting myself. That Miss Toussand is a lucky girl. She walked by my door yesterday wearing a negligee just like one I used to have. I have to say, it suited me better. She’s just a little bit of a thing. They had to hire some stranger to do her bosoms—can you imagine that? I mean really, if you have to pay people to be your body parts, you’re not much of an actress, are you?

Still, I’ll be glad when they’re all out of here and we can go back to the way things were. Not that they’ll ever really be the same. Life changes, doesn’t it? Simon and Ann have set a date, so there’ll be a wedding here come summer. It’s nice when young people settle down. I wish my John would think about things more seriously. Not with that Emma, of course, but I’d like a great-grandchild before I go.

I’ve put a few more bits in the shop down the village, so if you have a chance, pop in and look around. When I have some time, I’d like to do some redecorating—the wallpaper is getting old.

Ah, the kettle has boiled. Help yourself to a biscuit—they’re in the tin.