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Oh hello. Yes Iím fine. Can I pour you some tea? Well, you just have to get on with it, donít you? Heís gone and thatís that. Life goes on. Course I miss him. Not that he was ever here, always in the garden with his blessed plants. He had a way with plants, won competitions, you know. Do you want some tea?

Not that Iíve had a momentís peace since he passed away. Miss Ann, she asked if she should delay the wedding for a bit, considerate thing she is. I could see she was terrified Iíd say yes! I think she thinks sheís got the one shot and if she misses it that fool Tinsley will be off, or doing something stupid again. Anyway, I said of course not. So now weíve got everyone and their uncle turning up and more coming. Ann suggested I get someone from the village to help with the house and really, though I donít like anyone else in here, this time I said yes. So weíve got Gladys and Beth, not sure what theyíll get done, chattering all the time like some little birds, but I canít do it all. As I said to John, Iím not getting any younger either and before long I wonít be able to do everything. Heís a nice boy. I wish heíd settle down, especially now that his dadís out. Still, the only one in the picture is that Emma. Iíve seen them talking again, and you know what I think of her.

Well, Iím looking forward to the wedding. Need something cheerful around here. Heís an idiot but if she can keep him in order maybe theyíll make a go of it. Did I offer you some tea?