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Oh itís you. So nice to see a friendly face. I tell you weíve had so many men traipsing through these rooms in the last few months that it hardly felt like a home. Still itís over. They left this week. No offence, but good riddance! I mean, itís a bit much isnít it? Maybe things can get back to normal around here though, of course, with the wedding itíll be a while before we have any quiet. More Americans coming! Miss Ann was a surprise, her being so quiet and all, but Iím sure this lot will be loud and wanting coffee at all hours.

Youíd think Frank would be happy to see them gone, but heís mooning over that slip of a girl and sheís off to America. Silly cow said she thought heíd visit. Frankís not going anywhere I can tell you that, least not outside of a wooden box! Well, sometime you just have to face it, donít you? Heís not getting any younger or any more sensible. I mean heís a lovely man, very gentle, but well, it has to be said the manís not always right in his head.

Martinís outside in the garden, watering again. Daft sod! Amount of rain we get and he spends his time practising his watering. He thinks that Hollywood is coming calling so he wants to keep his hand in. Wish theyíd had him putting in the veg, thatís what I say. Still canít complain, weíve been together over fifty years. Iíll be surprised to see Ann and that fool Tinsley make that!