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Well, you haven't shown your face around these parts in donkey's years! Come in, come in. You caught me with my feet up. Me legs are killing me, and it gives a bit of comfort. Fancy a cuppa? Don't be daft--I can get it! I won't be sitting around like Lady La-de-da just because of a stiff leg now and again.

So, how do you like our new digs? Just before Ann and Simon--that's Miss Simmons and Mr. Tinsley to you--went off to the States, Martin had a bad spell and they asked if we'd like to move into the old Granny Suite. Never fancied myself living here, but you never do think of yourself as getting old, do you? Anyway, the stairs were bothering me, and Martin was feeling poorly, so up we came. It's quite snug, isn't it? Lovely carpet--we bought it down in the village.

Martin? Oh, well…He's alright, really he is. He just has his days now and then. We all do, really. He's still able to putter around in the garden, but to tell the truth, John does most of the work. Seems like he's lost a bit of steam these last six months. Still, nothing to worry about.

Did you come by to see the film crew? Martin's always fancied himself dramatic, you know, and is hoping to get a 'bit part' in the film. Silly man! Well, they haven't started yet. All a lot of fuss and nonsense if you ask me. They'll be digging up the garden and building sets in the loos. Had a few of them out here in January, doing some 'scouting' they said. The lot of 'em will be back again this month, I hear. I'm glad Ann and Simon are back to get things sorted.

Like my picture? John and Emma - yes, they're still together -  went to Glasgow over Christmas and brought that back for me. Frank quite fancies it; says it reminds him of fairy tales. He brought me a book of fairy stories to read when my legs were acting up. He's a sweet man, is our Frank. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

There's the kettle. Won't be a minute.

Have a look around before you go. There's a new shop down the way and we've finished restoring the West Hall. The old place isn't looking half bad…