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Simon: You look happy.

Ann: It's nice to be back. I still can't believe this is our home.

Simon: "Property is theft."

Ann: Does that apply to the Harley?

Simon: No! That's mine.  I meant we don't really own this place, do we? Just occupy it for a while. It'll be here long after we're gone. Actually, we really don't own it anymore, the Trust does.

Ann: But  we have life occupancy and life appointments to the Board.

Simon: Well we didn't have to be stupid about it.  It was going to cost a fortune to renovate. Now we can fund raise, get grants, tax relief.

Ann: Well,  I'm glad we did it and I'm glad to be back here with you. The old dining room is looking quite cheerful these days.

Simon: Let's go get reacquainted with  the upstairs. 

Simon: Welcome everyone to the first meeting of the year for the Stoney Grove Trust. I know things have got off to a slow start after our establishment last year, but here we are now under way-- though fortunately, considering the weather, not under water.

Shirley: Not that you've been suffering the weather. I'm sure it was lovely in California.

Ann: We were visiting my parents, Shirley. They are very eager to meet you all when they come for a visit.

Simon: Yes, well back to business. As you know, we have the filming starting next week. Mr. Daily has kindly given up his time to come down and explain to us what that will mean. I thought I'd let him go first so we can go over any other business after he leaves.

Arthur: Thank you,  Simon. Well, Iím sure you are all excited by the upcoming filming. For us itís an honour to be filming at such a historic site.

Simon: Thank you, Arthur.

Arthur: Youíre welcome. Now I know that being around stars can be a bit intimidating. Itís quite a cast and I know that youíll be eager to meet and talk with them. If you have requests, like autographs and things,  please pass them through my girl Friday Irene, and sheíll do her best to help. Now, weíll try to let some of you be around for filming, but this is a business and time is our biggest cost. It may look chaotic at times, but we do know what we are doing, and everything that is happening  is important to our vision. As one of my colleagues said, ĎThere are no small decisions in making pictures.í So let us do our work and soon itíll be done and you can go back to your normal lives and this will all seem like a dream.

Emma: So basically we should stay out of the way and let you get on with it?

Arthur: We'll try to accommodate you when we can, but yes.

Evelyn: How long will you be here?

Arthur: Well, lovely though it's been to see you all again, I really need to get going now.

Ann: I think Evelyn meant for the filming.

Arthur: Oh right. Well the schedule can change of course, but right now we're planning on doing some shooting in February and March and then coming back May or June for the  final spring shots.

Ann: So you'll be done by summer.

Arthur: If not we'll be bankrupt! As I said, time is money.  My driver is waiting,  Iíll be off. Thank you Simon, and any questions through Irene please.

[Arthur and Irene leave]

Evelyn: Dream or nightmare? There is a nasty rumour going around that they want to put in a walled garden and a fountain by the Lake.

Simon: Yes, that's right. One of the 'themes,' trapped love, bursting fountains, that sort of thing. Ours are evidently not like the ones in the book so they're building new ones. I thought we might keep it all. Tourist attraction after the TV program airs. The public will love it.

Emma: Simon, we have a real house and landscape. People will come and see that. It has integrity.

Simon: So will this, it'll be just like the book. Anyway discuss any problems with Phil, he's the business manager. Meeting adjourned.

Phil: Sorry everyone, just need a word with Simon. Simon?

[Simon leaves, followed by Phil]

Evelyn: Have you read the book? Bloody awful tripe if you ask me.

Emma:  I don't think anyone did ask you, Evelyn.  We've all read it and we all think Frank's mother did a wonderful job.

Evelyn: Oh, sorry Frank.  Didn't mean to upset you.  But it is dreadful, really.  Don't you think?

Frank:  Well, I've always had a soft spot for it.

Shirley:  I think it's a beautiful story. Not as good as 'Adrift at Sea,' of course, but lovely nevertheless.  I hope they don't spoil it.

Emma: Frank, what's the matter? Evelyn didn't mean to be cruel. She doesn't like fiction, that's all.

Frank: It was her.

Emma: Yes, Frank. It was Evelyn.

Frank:  No, no.  It was her!

Emma: Who Frank? Are you seeing people now as well as hearing them? Who was it?

Frank: The lady with that horrible man. It was Sam.

Emma: Arthur's assistant? I think she's called Irene. Who's Sam?

Frank: I told you, I told you my story and now she's come back. The girl from my class when I was a teacher.

Emma: Let's go and have some tea with Shirley. She's just down the hall now, what with her legs and Martin. Let's go and sit a while, shall we?

Frank: That would be nice.