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NOTE:  Two factual corrections to N.Twicks history; age of W. Hall at marriage; death date of Basil Hall


William Blake Hall 1892William Blake Hall (1849-1909), Stoney Grove entrepreneur, continued in his great grandfather’s business of shipping and trade. He renovated the house during a prosperous period from 1870-1875, constructed a greenhouse behind the stables, and built a gatehouse. (See Buildings and Grounds file).

Stoney Grove was a lively social centre from the 1860s through the 1890s. A renowned bachelor and womaniser (see L. Mortimer to F. Evans, June 1, 1879; F. Evans to W. Hall, February 10, 1882; and W. Hall to L. Mortimer March 3, 1880, August 22, 1885, September 14, 1885 and November 2, 1887; see also M. Beadle to E. Travertine, January 1870, December 15, 1871, August 27, 1872, September 14, 1872 and October 31, 1878; E. Travertine to M. Beadle, June 14, 1871, December 20, 1871, August 15, 1872, May 31, 1877 and November 6, 1878), he was rumoured to have had romantic connections with several prominent socialites and was accused of shady dealings in a scandal that was never fully laid to rest (L. D. Berkmar to P. Anderson, June 3, 1887; L. Mortimer to F. Evans, April 20, 1888, W. Hall to E. Travertine, June 29, 1877; E. Travertine to M. Beadle, November 15, 1878; in Hall Family letters file)

(Who are these socialites? Pursue scandal?)

Hall family 1903In 1897, William married his secretary of two years, Elizabeth Kent (1874-1939) (marriage registered June 20, 1897, UPPC). The couple had three children: Ellen (1899-1973), Basil (1901-1962), and  Montgomery (1909-1995) (1910 census, W. Sussex; Birth and Death records, W. Sussex 1962, 1973 and 1995). Two months after Montgomery was born, William suffered a massive coronary and died at age 62 (E. K. Hall to B. D. Kent, October 1, 1909).

Elizabeth Kent Hall lived quietly at Stoney Grove until her death in 1939.